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    New Sweden Magazine Interview


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    New Sweden Magazine Interview

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 8:44 am

    New Sweden Magazine Interview

    Thanks to ilovecohen at LD

    There's a new interview with Nick and Aj in a swedish magazine - Veckorevyn! Nothing new (Kevin, Nick loosing weight, dating, young hollywood etc.)- except for nick trashing hos latest girlfriend (I don't need to mention her name...) for beeing a golddigger!

    You are both single (it's mentioned later that AJ is dating), is it hard to trust girls when you are a celebrity?
    Nick: Yes, for both of us it has been hard. I just recently broke up with a girl that I have been dating for a while. She seemed ok, but after a while it showed that she was only after me for being famous and my money.

    Here's more she mentioned what they talked about.

    the interview starts with only nick lying on a bed in a hotelroom in LA eating crisps. He emphasizes that the crisps are almost fat free as he is living more healthy now and he says it's time for taking things a bit more slowly now. He also mentions that he needs to stop drinking in order to be able to tour, he says it is not that easy - he drinks but not so much as before.He talks about Sweden and Stockholm in general ( he's small talking with the interviewer as she sets up her digital recorder). Continues to talk about Kevin, the interviewer mentions he looks "fresh" - whats his beautytips? He answers with the whole eating healthier and working out thing, and trying to drink less. He says that he works out with a personal trainer, he needs someone to force him and put pressure on him - normal exercise and weightlifting. Then the girl asks him about all the size zero girls in Hollywood, and he says: " It's not hot. Some actresses look like skeletons, it's ugly as hell. I believe that this trend will disappear soon ant that it will be trendy to have a normal healthy body." Then Nick is asked about Paris, if they have any contact: "No, I don't. She is too messy, I have tried to help her but she is not open to it."
    Then AJ comes in to the hotel room, he is late beacuse of traffic. He says that he doesn't want to interrupt the conversation, what are you talking about? Nick answers with: "Nothing, don't want to talk about it anymore".
    Then they talk about dating, and what I mentioned before. They say that Brian, Howie and Kevin are lucky. Aj says that Nick is still waiting for a girl that he can trust 100 %. Nick says: " And AJ is hoping that the girl he is dating now continues to be his dreamwoman."

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