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    Five Minutes With ... Nick Carter


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    Five Minutes With ... Nick Carter

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 8:46 am

    Five Minutes With ... Nick Carter

    As the Backstreet Boys release their comeback album Unbreakable, NW chats to baby but best known of the group Nick Carter
    You've lost one of your members, Kevin Richardson, who quit last year. Was it hard to go into the studio without him?
    It was definitely a little weird at first after 14 years of being in the same band, it's just kind of a shocker. But we got past that. In reality there are no hard feelings and it's one of those things where we've just got to move on. And I don't know if you've looked at the music in depth, but it still feels like the Backstreet Boys, you know.

    Is it true that former *Nsync star J.C. Chasez wrote some songs for the new album?
    Well, no, he wrote one song. He and A.J. [McLean] wrote a song together and we liked it, so we decided to record it.

    Was it weird to put the old *Nsync/Backstreet Boys rivalry to one side? No, not at all. It felt great. I don't think there's rivalry in the pop industry to that extent anymore. Just to be in the same boat [as J.C.] and reminiscing was great.

    Does it grate to still have people calling you a "boy band"?
    No, because they don't say that anymore. We're like, "Backstreet Boys are still here they won't die so, whatever!"

    You have huge fan support. Do you have the same people turning up to your gigs as in the early days?
    We have some new fans and we definitely have some older fans. We treat them very well and we love them very much, that's why they stick around. We understand they are the best, we know that.

    Have you ever got used to being a teen heart-throb?
    Nah. [Laughs.] If you get used to that stuff I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing. I always feel like it's an honour.

    You started in the band when you were 12 years old. How did you deal with having so many things thrown at you from such a young age?
    It was definitely tough. All those things you go through as a child entertainer can affect you because your sense of reality is basically tarnished. Now it's starting to get better and I'm starting to realise what's going on, so I don't want to be a victim.

    You did a reality TV show with your family which really laid your problems bare. Having always led such a public life, in hindsight do you have any regrets about exposing yourself even more?
    I never have any regrets because the things I've gone through have taught me to be the person I am right now, you know? And as far as the reality show goes, it really gave me a chance to look at myself. To judge myself. It really made me aware that I had issues I had to deal with.

    Have you dealt with those problems now?
    Well, as you've seen with a lot of other artists like Britney Spears they've had meltdowns because they don't know how to handle it. They don't know how to give themselves a break and that time [to] come down to reality. That's what happened to me. I've had a lot of reality checks along my life a lot of reality checks with everything that's gone on.

    Are you in a happy place now?
    Absolutely! I really feel so strong and ready to take on the world. Ready to start touring, start working on my record label. I'm also acting.

    You've just finished filming a movie called Fast Glass with Heroes star Greg Grunberg. How was it?
    It was amazing. I met lots of great people, I learnt a lot, it was awesome. Also, I met a great director [Kim Ball] who was also the writer of the movie and we wrote a short film together. So next year I'm going to film it. I'm directing it, acting in it, and I'm also one of the writers.

    So you're a bit of a workaholic?
    Well, I've got to keep myself busy.

    How do you prioritise things?
    I've turned out to be really good at multi-tasking. That's something that comes along later on in life.

    What do you like doing in your free time?
    Playing basketball, working out, watching American football, writing or recording music, playing video games. And I love to sleep!

    Do you have to get really fit to go back on the road?
    Absolutely. You can't have fat Backstreet Boys on the stage!

    Is there any chance you'll tour here with the new album?
    Absolutely, there's no doubt about it. I can't wait to get back to Australia. I love it, it's my favourite place in the world.

    You're just saying that because we're in Australia ...
    No, it's true! I love that accent. I hope I'm going to meet an Australian girl.

    You're single at the moment?
    Yes I am.

    So what are you looking for in a girl apart from an Australian accent? Honestly, someone who's going to let me do my thing and who I can let do her thing. Who's sexy and cool and career-driven all that stuff.

    Are you gun-shy about having another relationship with a celebrity after dating Paris Hilton?
    I guess I am kind of scared to do it. I don't want to necessarily get involved in another situation where maybe ... Oh, I don't know, we'll see who's out there. You can't judge everybody who is in the same category. Maybe if I meet the right person it will be okay.

    Well, the Aussie girls are ready and waiting, anyway.
    Hey, that's exactly what I wanted to hear! [Laughs.]

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