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    New Nick Journal: I'm Turning Japanese


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    New Nick Journal: I'm Turning Japanese

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 8:48 am

    New Nick Journal: I'm Turning Japanese

    I'm turning JAPANESE I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so. So we're over in beautiful Tokyo doing promo. And I just woke up and ordered breakfast. Not the typical breakfast that we're used to over in the states. It's awesome. Japanese breakfast. Grilled salmon, rice, Miso soup. They got these crazy little scrambled eggs that look like sushi. Guess you have to be here to understand. Anyways, I love it over here. The sushi. The people are sooo cool. The style is too. But I'm looking forward to going to NY to release the album. I sure hope some peeps will come out to see us. Anyways, I'm sooooo freakin excited to get this promo done so that we can start to prepare for our world tour. It's gonna be amazing. All I can say is, it's gonna blow away the Never Gone tour. I just turned on CNN. And I am so shocked and saddened. I wanna send some love, support and prayers to all the people on the west coast that have been affected from this tragedy. You are def in our hearts. Anyways, I gotta to run. I got press to do. Love ya.


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