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    Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

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    Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

    Post by Gianna S. on Sun 13 Jan 2008, 10:37 pm

    this is from Nicole Witt's myspace, she's the one that sings on the song Nick helped write on Andrew Fromm's myspace.

    She even has a picture with Nick on her myspace:

    Chance Meetings...and Nick Carter

    Nashville never ceases to amaze me with all of the talent here. It is a
    very small music community unlike any other. You get to see and meet
    stars all of the time and it is not a big deal here. I NEVER get star
    struck any more but one morning this past August I've got to tell
    ya...I was star struck. That day I had met my friends Gilles and Andrew
    for coffee at Starbucks. (side note:yes I know I have an addiction to
    coffee and I am seeking help...)Andrew invited us back to his house to
    write. What he failed to tell us until the car ride over was that Nick
    Carter from the Backstreet Boys was staying at his house. Needless to
    say I did meet Nick that day. He came bouncing up the stairs and I had
    to breathe deep. We ended up writing a song with him that afternoon
    called \\"Two Forevers\\". The part of my brain that was functioning that
    day was working hard to get a great song. The other part however, was
    like\\"Oh my gosh! Nick Carter is sitting in the chair next to me writing
    a song with ME.\\" The song was written too late to be included on
    Backstreet's current album...but you never know what the future may

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    Re: Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

    Post by Missatothaz on Mon 14 Jan 2008, 9:25 am

    aaw how cute Very Happy


    Re: Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

    Post by Guest on Mon 14 Jan 2008, 3:57 pm

    Nick Nick, where was Nicky Sandiego huuuuuh? IN NASHVILLE. Sillyhead, still we found him. He was working... dude the song is amazing.

    Funny thing is that the one who doesn't give me star struck is Nick, well none of them does, I guess I would die if I see *thinks* well nobody I don't get star struck.


    Re: Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

    Post by Guest on Tue 15 Jan 2008, 8:43 pm


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    Re: Chance meetings...and Nick Carter

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