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    01-21-2008 AJ doing radio interview on B105

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    01-21-2008 AJ doing radio interview on B105

    Post by Gianna S. on Mon 21 Jan 2008, 1:48 am

    AJ did a radio interview with B105, Brisbane monday morning.

    Audio of that in our Audio sharing section

    Highlights of that interview by Kev's NZ Girl@LD

    He's missed some rehersals as he has a bad cold, he figures since he's 30 now he can go to the doctors.

    He was on Honolulu on his 30th, playing golf, he loves playing poker.
    They asked if he ever played strip poker, but he hasnt, but he wants to. lol.
    Ricki Lee asked if he still wears the mesh shirts, he said no, and she said Damn.
    They asked about crazy fan experiences, he just told the crazy barbed wire fence girls in Spain story.

    They talked about HOC with Nick, Aj said that you have to realise it is scripted at some point.
    He didnt watch it, because he and the guys had to live with that for
    all the time, ie they know what its like but he did tune in at some
    times and just shook his head.

    His fav show is LOST - and Dexter. The Djs are interviewing Matthew Fox
    next week, AJ said that he would have loved to meet them in Hawaii.
    Then he records a question for Matthew Fox, asking if they were dead,
    and he says Hi Matthew, I am a huge fans, lol.

    Talked about Kevin not being there recording the album, says it was
    awquard, they are still family, and they still keep in touch with him,
    and they are doing the Dad thing, if Kevin called tmrw and asked to
    come back tommorrow they'd have no hesistation.
    Talks about they were asked to do a reality show to find another member but they said no!

    Asks about Britney - he says shes always on the damn tv, and now shes
    speaking in a British accent,and he asks the tv What the hell are you
    He talks about how he said that they should meet and his people contacted her publicist but he never heard back.
    He hates to say it, but she will be lucky to get through the year.
    Djs - agree she doesnt want help, AJ says he was the same in his time,
    and he knows what its like, once he admitted it, it started working out.
    Ricki asks if its because shes in spotlight from such a young age, and
    how did they deal with it as him and Nick are like that too. Aj says
    that since he married Kfed, it went downhill, then he had the first
    kid, the second kid, all went downhill. And its not a surprise her
    sister has gone down the same path.

    Fans have been calling in to the station before AJ was on and one fan
    says she knows more than he does about the band, and after the ads they
    are having a showdown

    Ok the fan showdown:
    Ajs a betting man, but he says turning thirty has calmed him down.
    They are just asking basic questions, and its a race.

    He talks about releasing his solo record and maybe Johnny no name will open for him on tour, lol.

    They are looking forward to the tour etc in Aussie. They set a challenge that he do Strip poker backstage at the concert when they are in Brisbane.


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