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    New blog post on Howies MySpace

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    New blog post on Howies MySpace

    Post by Gianna S. on Wed 27 Feb 2008, 3:11 pm

    Source: Howie's MySpace

    Hey Guys!!! Just wanted to drop in and say 'what's up!!!" to everyone.
    Sorry I have been so busy with putting together the new tour that I
    haven't had a chance to post any recent blogs. We just got through the
    first few shows of the tour in Japan, Australia and now we are in South
    East Asia. It was really crazy rehearsing for this tour. The guys and I
    had put everything we had into it and were rehearsing right up to the
    few hours before our first show at the Tokyo Dome. Thankfully
    everything went really great. We got a chance to do some great shopping
    in Japan in between the shows. They also had really cool natural hot
    springs at our hotel that were awesome to go into especially when the
    air outside was pretty chilly. It was pretty cold in Japan so it was
    nice to get into the 80 degree weather in Australia. We had a chance to
    visit Steve Irwin's zoo while we were there and actually got to hold
    and feed the animals. It was super cool to hold a koala bear - which
    they usually never let you do that. I also have a cousin in Sydney so
    it was really nice to catch up with her and her husband. They took
    Leigh and I out to Bondi Beach and we had dinner near by in Bronte
    Beach. Leigh was out here with me for Japan and Australia. We had alot
    of fun sightseeing - always trying to make the most of our time in each
    city. The tour all been alot of fun so far and everyone seems to be
    having a good time. We've gone out a few nights and sometimes we just
    hang out at the hotels. With all the flying though we've all had some
    serious jetlag. Anyway, I will try to post new blogs as much as I can
    and will also be posting more videos and pictures. I just got two new
    cameras - just need to figure out how to download everything. We also
    just launched the new bsb fanclub - which looks amazing. All the guys
    are really excited about it and it gets updated a bunch so check it
    out. Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road!!!!
    Best wishes, Howie


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