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    Backstreet Boys Wild Buck's Night!

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    Backstreet Boys Wild Buck's Night!

    Post by Gianna S. on Thu 28 Feb 2008, 12:58 pm


    28 February 2008


    Take 40 caught up with Brian and Howie from the Backstreet Boys recently while they were in the country for their tour, and found out a bit about ex-BSB Kevin Richardson's buck's night!

    Even though Kevin has left the band, the boys say they still keep in touch. Howie even went along for his spur of the moment bachelor party recently!

    "Poor guy..." Howie said. "We were on tour at the time, I think we were in Canada... and supposedly AJ told him he was going to set up this whole bachelor thing for him... and unfortunately he thought about himself at the last minute and ducked out... so the poor guy really didn't truly have a major bachelor party..."

    But Howie and some friends saved the day. "His security guard (Keith McGuffy) was one of his good friends..." Howie continued, "and he was... out with us at that time... so he actually came out... it was a good time.. but poor guy - if I had have known better I would've tried to put it together myself."

    "He actually came to mine just recently... and I think he saw what a real bachelor party was all about!" Howie said his buck's night was a big one, although he couldn't remember much about it!

    Meanwhile Brian and his wife spent some time on Bondi Beach during their visit to Australia, with their son Bailey. They gave little Bailey an Aussie experience, making him taste Vegemite and wear speedos!


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