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    Hit Mag Translation

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 5:18 am

    thanks to amy_lee @

    Q=Hit Music

    Q: Japan has been a must place for your tour. How many times have you been here?
    B: oh yeah, many times. My son and my wife have been here twice, and I …about 7or8 times.

    Q: And another concert here?
    B: yeah, in Tokyo.

    Q; It is noted that you have written some of the song tracks in ‘unbreakable’, and you have also done the bulk of the song production. So does this album represent the Backstreet boys to the most extent?
    B: absolutely! We are more involved in this album than the previous one, including the composition and the production of the songs (for example, we gather the composers and producers together to discuss). We have made efforts on this album. So we are actually more proud of it than the other ones. However we have tried different ideas and styles on the previous album. ‘Never Gone’, which is quite experimental, can be regarded as the lead-in to ‘unbreakable’, which when you listen to it, you will witness the growth and progress we enjoy. In all, this album can really represent the backstreet boys to the most extent, especially the backstreet boys nowadays.
    A: what a good answer!(laugh)

    Q: So you have been spent much more time on this album than on others?
    A: of course. It took us about two years and a half on this album, which might not have been taken so much time, because we stopped and restarted for several times during the recording. We on the one hand listened to music and on the other hand tried to fix the orientation of the album, still we examined how far we had gone in the recording, after that, we went back to the studio to start record. As a result, we are quite satisfied with this album.

    Q; You’ve sold one hundred million records all over the world, and how did you make it?
    N: music, it is of the first place. Apart from that, it is hard to say, may be it was luck to some extent. I mean, first of all, our voice must sound perfect to touch people’s heart. And next, we should be harmonious as a group. We are trying to show to our fans our best selves, in vocal, appearance and ideas. At the same time, we have been looking for something new, hoping that our fans would have new experience and discovery every time we release our album.
    A: in addition, we found ourselves lucky enough to survive in the severe music industry nowadays. In fact, I mean, nowadays it is difficult for an indie band to sell 50 million within 5 years as we did at that time. It is the tendency, because there are new media taking part in the competition of the music industry. We were in the time when people still wanted to buy CDs, and meanwhile our music was appreciated and suitable to the people. To some extent, we are quite thankful to those fans who always hold out the hope for the Backstreet boys and supported us with their passion along the way.

    Q: To mention the record industry, how much are your new album influenced by the change of the music industry nowadays?
    A: nowadays, pop music is more rich and varied in styles, with a wider tolerance compared to the situation several years ago. As a pop singer, what he can sing is not just pop, but pop-rock or alternatives. Meanwhile, media and fans are influenced mutually; their favors and tastes push or indirectly change the tendency of the record industry. The biggest change in record industry is the prevalence of the download music, which decreases the CD sales, and the internet singers. However, it is just a tendency which cannot be considered good or bad. In terms of music, it is hard to say how big the influence is. But that we are trying to do something new is definitely affected by the download music tendency. Not to say the new album, we can to some extent see how the tendency will be from our first album. In terms of the tendency, we still value the CD industry for there will be many people willing to by our CDs as long as our music is wonderful, and worthwhile.

    Q: In those 15 years, the world witnesses your achievements. What do you think is the biggest achievement of the group?
    B: for me, I think the biggest achievement lies in the same belief we share together from beginning till now. 15 years is quite a long time, however, it passes swiftly. In those 15 years, we grew and made progress together, though everyone changed a lot. We are always doing the same thing, staying in the same group, and singing the same song, which I found it gratified and proud. Of course we are lucky in deed to be able to carry off the trials and tribulations till now.

    Q: You‘ve mentioned that the 2008 world tour would be of the most magnificent spectacle. Will China be included?
    N: in addition to the magnificent spectacle, we will try something new. Just wait and see, we will show you the most wonderful concert of the Backstreet boys. The ‘Never gone’ tour was good, but the dance and entertainment covered a large proportion. We also dance this time, but the style of the concert will be like the ‘Black&blue’ tour. We are looking forward to giving concerts in china and to the Chinese fans. But it would be even better to giving concerts all over the world.(laugh)
    A: for me, I want to go to China. There is the possibility, which we cannot be quite sure about it. We are still unforgettable about the warm welcome we received from the Chinese fans and the people we meet in Shanghai and Beijing…it will be happy if China is in our schedule.(laugh)

    Q:This is an important question. You have come to China for 4 times. What impression does this country left to you? Chinese fans welcome you any time.
    BSB: The Great Wall! (They said in chorus)
    N: I took a photograph of the people who were climbing the wall, from the mountain, at the Great Wall, which is still hanging on the wall of my apartment.
    A: oh, I still remember that we have been to a quite large studio, in which there was a nice football field whose name escaped my mind, but the field was very large and nice on which the footballers in red were training. We also went to other places, and we were so much surprised. China is really a charming place that is quite different as we imagined before.

    Q: What else do you want to say to your fans who support you along the way, except’ thank you’, especially the Chinese fans?
    A: it is the destiny to have acquainted you and loved by you through music. We will keep moving on, through the new album and live show to let you see the new backstreet boys. Listen to our music carefully, and came to our show. We won’t let you down, haha(laugh). Thanks to you, thank-you will never be enough. Thank you for being patient to wait for us, and we hope you will like this album!

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    Re: Hit Mag Translation

    Post by Missatothaz on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 12:54 pm

    thanks for posting Smile

    mushy's_Bi&Saved wrote: In terms of the tendency, we still value the CD industry for there will be many people willing to buy our CDs as long as our music is wonderful, and worthwhile.

    Amen Exclamation

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