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    Mobile's Mail Magazine From the Boys

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 5:29 am

    Mobile's Mail Magazine From the Boys

    Thanks to crazy4_BSB_Bone at LD for translating.

    Backstreet Boys send mobile's mail about new album, their life and more to japanese fans.


    part1 24th Oct:
    Hi, all our fans in Japan! I'm A.J.!
    How are things going for you? We've been missing you so much, and we are so excited to be back in Japan!
    Well, the good news is that by the time you receive this e-mail, we are already in Japan on PROMO tour!
    Plus, I guess our new album “Unbreakable” is available in stores all over Japan! We're really proud of how the album has turned out, it's full of dance music, and all of our harmony sounds great. We're anxious for everyone to hear our new album, and hope you like it!
    See you soon in Japan!

    Part2 1st Nov:
    Hi, this is Howie.
    We've had an awesome time while in Japan, on PROMO.
    It's always good to be back in the country that we love.
    Japan's always been one of the best places in the world,
    and we cannot thank you enough for supporting us for such a long time.
    Actually, I was the last one who arrived in Japan,
    because Nick and A.J. got in first on the 20th, then Brian, and then me.
    All of us been quite busy with our own schedule, but once we get together, we make it as a great team!
    So, our new album's been released first in Japan,
    and we really hope you all are enjoying it!
    We'll be back in February on Japan tour!
    Can't wait to come back! See you all soon, Love, Howie

    part3 7th Nov:
    Backstreet's back, alright!! This is Brian!
    I'd like to talk about Kevin, because it seems like everyone wants to know what is going on.
    It was about two years ago, and we could feel he was in a transition in his life, where he wanted to start his own family,
    and he needed to be away from music in general for a little while.
    We're happy that he is a proud father of a child now,
    and we still keep in touch with him by being full support to each other.
    Some of you may have been there, but Kevin showed up on the stage while I was touring in Japan early this year!
    Whenever Kevin wants to come back, we keep telling him that the door is always open for him, so we never know!
    We love you,

    part4 16th Nov:
    Hey what's up everyone in Japan!
    I'm Nick Carter, from the Backstreet Boys!
    We just can't wait to be back in Japan in February on tour!
    Great thing is that YOU will be having the VERY FIRST SHOW in the world, and you really deserve it, because you have always been loyal to us for many many years!
    This show is going to be amazing, definitely much better than the last one.
    We made the album UNBREAKABLE with all the elements that we all could perform on stage, it's going to be magnificent!
    We're going to bring the heat for you!
    So be ready for it, master all the songs on the new album UNBREAKABLE, and we're gonna rock you throughout the show!
    So, be sure to be there!
    Talk to you soon,

    Hello, this is A.J. from the Backstreet Boys!
    I'd like to share with you an episode of something funny happened while we were recording at the studio in Nashville, I went to a mall called “Spencer's” one afternoon.
    They have a bunch of gag gifts, and all of those fun stuff, I love that place. Then I decided to be Nick Junior. You know, I love playing pranks on some guys. So I actually played a prank on Nick, while he was in the studio…you know what? I will tell you what happened next time I write to you!
    Write soon,

    Hello, this is A.J. again!
    Hope you've been looking forward to hearing from me!
    So the prank I played on Nick, yes, I bought this siren thing at the Spencer's.
    And what I did is that while Nick was in the studio, I pulled out this pin of the siren which makes god awful, really loud sound!
    So I pulled out this pin, threw it in the studio where Nick was singing, then I counted to 10, and all of a sudden when Nick was trying to sing, here was this“BEEEP, BEEEP, BEEP, BEEP!”, and Nick was like“What the hell?
    What's going on!!??”Yep, that was really funny.
    I hope you guys enjoy that!
    Love you all,

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