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    [article] "Confessions of a super fan"

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    [article] "Confessions of a super fan"

    Post by Gianna S. on Fri 07 Nov 2008, 5:36 pm

    Confessions of a super fan

    Writer admits to pop-loving past and her teenage Backstreet Boys crush

    Stephanie Classen,
    The StarPhoenix

    Published: Thursday, November 06, 2008
    BACKSTREET BOYSwith Divine BrownNov. 13

    - - -Warning: This article contains a possibly career-ending confession.Flashback
    to my 14-year-old, awkward, braces-wearing self. I am sitting in my
    room with a stack of fan magazines and a giant ball of sticky tack. In
    a few hours the beige walls are plastered over with photos of the
    Backstreet Boys, most notably my favourite member, Brian Littrell.I, Stephanie Classen, music writer, was a Backstreet Boys super fan.The
    memories of my fandom are somewhat faint, but include crying during
    their Backstreet's Back concert, performing some of their highly
    choreographed moves at school dances and forcing my wonderful mother to
    deliver their Millennium CD to school the morning it came out.More
    than 10 years later I've moved on musically, but I still jumped at the
    chance to chat with my former future husband before the Backstreet
    Boys' upcoming show in Saskatoon.- - -I dial the phone with anticipation, asking myself, "Why am I nervous?"And then I hear it, the subtle southern drawl and boyish giggle that used to reduce me to a pathetic, convulsing mess."Hi Stephanie."OMG, he knows my name!I tell him I used to be a big fan and that my teenage inner child is freaking out."How about being a super older fan now?" he asks."I'm still a fan," I lie. "But I'm not as delusional and crazy now, so that's a good thing."The
    truth is I haven't bought a Backstreet Boys album since 2000's Black
    and Blue, but I just can't admit to it after hearing his earnest,
    heartfelt voice.I've changed; it was inevitable. And so has
    Littrell. Now a Backstreet Man, the singer has released a solo album
    and become a father.The BSB might not be the biggest group in the world anymore, but the 33-year-old singer says life is far more balanced today."From
    1998 until about 2002 we could go nowhere, we could do nothing without
    being hounded," Littrell says. "As much as it was a lot of fun, it was
    a whole lot of work and we lost a lot of our freedom at that time. I
    will tell you now the success level is where it's manageable. Yes, I am
    a Backstreet Boy, yes, they call me a pop star, but I'm also a father,
    a husband and a lot of other things."The Backstreet Boys are
    currently on a world tour, which wraps up Nov. 23 in Los Angeles. The
    tour, unlike recent outings by the Spice Girls and the New Kids on the
    Block, isn't a reunion tour. It is in support of the band's latest
    album, Unbreakable.So far, Littrell says, the shows are very reminiscent of the old days."The
    fan response is still as loud as ever," he says. "It's just a little
    lower tone; it's not such a shrieking sound like a 10- or 12-year-old.
    It's more of an adult sound."- - -At the height of
    Backstreet Boys fever, their five faces could be seen everywhere from
    magazine covers to trading cards to pencils. Littrell and bandmates
    Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson were
    followed everywhere by a screaming, pulsing throng of fans.I ask Littrell if, looking back, there are any moments in the band's
    career that make him cringe. My mind flashes to the boys dancing in
    fake rain in unbuttoned, see-through shirts for the Quit Playing Games
    (With My Heart) video.Littrell giggles again and admits some of the outfits they used to wear look a bit dated today."One
    time we did a performance at Sea World in Orlando and we wore these
    yellow jumpsuits. They looked like firefighter's overalls and they were
    really, really cool at the time. But looking back on them now we look
    really, really silly."'That's
    it?' I think. What about Nick's bowl cut? Howie's constant David
    Copperfield hand gestures? The posing in impossibly tight zip-up
    T-shirts, matching jackets or Santa suits?Littrell admits some
    of their cheesy early moments are good for a laugh, but he sees them as
    an important part of the group's 15-year music career. Littrell adds
    the band hopes to be making music another 15 years from now.I
    can't blame him for being proud of the band's career. At more than 120
    million albums, they are the best-selling boy band of all time. And who
    doesn't know the words to at least one Backstreet Boys song? I Want It
    That Way anyone?- - -The Backstreet Boys are known for
    massive stage shows complete with costume changes, elaborate lighting
    and signature dance routines. Littrell said this tour's show is no
    exception. They are older, but the boys dance for about 75 per cent of
    the show, he says.The set list covers the Backstreet Boys' Greatest Hits -- Chapter One album, in addition to a few solo songs."We try to keep it to the singles and the big smashes that people recognize on radio," Littrell says.But
    there is one notable difference on the Unbreakable tour. For the first
    time, the Backstreet Boys are down one member. Richardson came to the
    other four boys at the end of the Never Gone tour and said he didn't
    want to be in the band anymore."I was kind of in shock at first because I thought he was joking," Littrell says of his bandmate and first cousin.As
    far as I'm concerned, losing Richardson won't really hurt the group.
    Not noted for being the strongest vocalist in the group, he was usually
    responsible for the low harmonies and the cheesy spoken voiceovers."Baby,
    I know you're hurting. Right now you feel like you could never love
    again. Now all I ask is for a chance to prove that I love you."- - -To
    my dismay, I run out of questions and have to wrap things up with
    Littrell. I ask him if he has anything to add in an effort to drag out
    the interview a bit longer."Backstreet's Back," he says with a quick laugh.It's
    a canned sentiment that he somehow makes sound genuine. The BSB are
    back, and so --if my ear-to-ear grin and slightly pink cheeks prove
    anything -- is my crush.Their poppy love songs no longer fit in
    alongside my collection of indie rock and offbeat dance music, but
    Littrell, my musical first love, still seems Larger Than Life.



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    Re: [article] "Confessions of a super fan"

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    aw that's sweet! a bit superficial but cute Smile

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