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    [article] "What’s old is new again"

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    [article] "What’s old is new again"

    Post by Gianna S. on Fri 07 Nov 2008, 5:43 pm

    What’s old is new again

    Backstreet Boys bring comeback tour to Grande Prairie’s Crystal Centre Nov. 15

    The Backstreet Boys

    Crystal Rhyno/Encore!
    The Backstreet Boys hope to come back from the musical wasteland with the help of the Unbreakable World Tour.
    So far, with near sold-out shows in Europe, Asia and North
    America, the boys are faring pretty well. Concertgoers could almost
    close their eyes and pretend it was the 1990s again. Well almost. Still, with gigs such as singing the national anthem at the 2008
    World Series, it is not easy to ignore the fact the group has once more
    stepped into the spotlight. Furthermore, if the Nov. 15 Grande Prairie concert lives up to
    Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter’s fervent billing, attendees are in for a
    fantastic evening. “We’re entertainers,” said Carter, speaking from his home in Los
    Angeles. “We enjoy being up on stage. If anybody who has ever been to a
    Backstreet Boys concert or hasn’t, maybe you should come out because
    you’re going to have a blast. It’s better than seeing any movie you
    could see now.”

    is the group’s first tour since its 2005 The Never Gone Tour, and the
    first without band member Kevin Richardson, who left the band in 2006
    to start a family. In 2007, the group released its sixth album, Unbreakable, and in
    February 2007 went on tour to promote it with dates in Japan. Right
    now, the boys are in the middle of the second leg of a North American
    tour. “It’s going phenomenal,” said Carter. “We’ve been doing such a
    great job on the road and putting on such a great show. They keep
    wanting more.”
    Carter, 28, the youngest in the group, added the Backstreet Boys
    have been selling out most venues they have played, working off an
    album that has received little radio air play. “The fan base is extremely strong,” he said. “But we have a lot
    of older fans coming, younger faces and fans who are older and bringing
    their own families with them. It’s just a great environment.”
    Carter said the group is tighter than ever and losing Richardson has made the group gel even further.
    “We are a family and we are motivated, inspired and hungry as
    hell to get to the top,” said Carter. “And nothing is going to stop us.
    We are on a comeback trail. We know the response where we go and sing a
    national anthem in front of 60 million people at a major league
    baseball game. People are maybe shocked because they maybe didn’t think
    we sound the same or whatever it is. We’re going to do everything it
    takes to be the best we can be and to be better than we were before.” Carter said attendees should expect to hear the old hits
    including I’ll Never Break Your Heart, Quit Playing Games and We’ve Got
    It Goin’ On, and the newer hits including Inconsolable and Helpless
    When She Smiles. “What we did in the past was great, but this is a new era,”
    explained Carter. “This is a new group. We’re proud of the stuff we
    have done in the past and we will never forget it.”
    Carter said the group has to move on and with that its sound has
    changed with time. After the tour, the boys will be back in the studio
    working on another album. Unbreakable, Carter said, is the beginning of
    a new phase or a rebirth for the group where they are going back to
    pop, R&B and dance. “I feel like a lot of people aren’t on the train of the
    Backstreet Boys anymore,” he said, noting they have their dedicated
    fans. “We love them, but there are a lot of people who are like
    Backstreet Boys, whatever. That’s not current. That’s old. We’re going
    to paint another picture and put a new face on that group. And anybody
    who wants to be a part of it, now’s the time to get on the train.”
    Tickets are on sale at the Crystal Centre box office at 780-538-0387 or online at



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