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    BSB Portalmix Chat

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 5:53 am

    BSB Portalmix Chat

    Thanks to Mimi80 at LD for translation.

    SPAIN 11/20/2007

    What's the difference among Unbreakable and other cd?

    The most important difference is that it's maturer, we are very proud and all of us have involved in this album

    Howie, did you enjoy your bachelor party?

    Yes! it was great! with Kevin, AJ and 20 more friends.

    Howie, is it true that you are recording a spangish solo album?

    Yes it's true. I wanto to explore my lenguage by my own. I've been in Miami with my producer (George Noriega) and with Jon Secada...

    Where do you like to go when you are on holidays?

    At home and in Christmas time with our families. In Thanksgiving Day we are going to be in Germany. Also we like to go to warm places such as Puerto Rico and the Caribean.

    AJ, why did you have all those tatoos?

    Because my tatoos has became in a diary of my life. When something good or bad is happening I write it in my diary and if it really influences me then i tatoo it.

    Were you afraid of your return to musical scene without Kev?

    No. For the fans it's like a shock but for us isn't. We miss him and he will always has the doors open to come back. We know he is happy with his current life and we saw him few days ago.

    Which is the song of the new album you like most?

    AJ: HWSS and Trouble is

    Howie: Inconsolable

    (few minutes later Brian and Nick answered this question)

    Brian: Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

    Nick: Unmistakable

    How you feel now on the stage being only 4?

    It's rare. We have to dance more as long as we sing. We hope that the fans enjoy the concert and don't miss Kev so much.

    Will you sing any song of this album in spanish?

    Yes, we want to translate one of the songs, may be the next single.

    What's the best thing of being famous?

    travel around the world, see beautiful countries, new people...different cultures, foods. They are things that we couldn't to do if we weren't famous.

    When do you back to Barcelona in concert?

    We'll be back between May and July: Barcelona, Madrid and may be other cities of Spain.

    Have you thougth in teach what you learnt in all your carrer? I mean, to be a singing teacher.

    May be, when we were older. when I think in singing teacher I think in bifocal glasses and grey beard and a lot of diplomas on the wall.

    Are you guys going to do any kind of appearance in Tampa where fans can go see you up close?

    In the tour, this summer. We were there one month before the cd release.



    In the future, duets in your album?

    We'd like to make a duet with any artist. We've done duets but never in an album, with Shania Twain, Sting... We'd like to do it with Shakira and Ale Sanz

    There will be another album after Unbreakable?

    Yes, we are talking about it.

    Now Nick and Brian start to answer questions:

    What are your musical inspiratiosn?

    All kind of music, R&B, gospel, rock, pop, country, hahaha...

    Brian, would you like your son would be a singer?

    Yes, if it's what he wants to do.

    If you could to ask for a wish to be real tomorrow, what will you wish?

    Nick: no more war

    Brian: no more poverty and I agree Nick of course!

    Nick, do you think to do other things as actor?

    yes, I have to finish Fast Glass and then I'm going to direct, act and write a terror movie, probably the next year.

    Brian, how to feel to be father?

    There's nothing better in the world than be father.

    Will Everything but mine be a single?

    We don't know, we'd like but we don't know!

    Nick, are you interested in contemporany art?

    I love art, my gradmother was painter. I like white and black and I've started to make a collection, I have a painting of Wyland...

    In what countries do you think you are the best welcomed?

    Spain has been always very special for us because the fans have much passion for BSB

    Do you think to include solo performances in the next tour, like many years ago?

    Yes, we'll do!

    Brian: I'll sing some songs of my solo album.

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