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    [article]Backstreet looks to change its sound, Carter says

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    [article]Backstreet looks to change its sound, Carter says

    Post by Gianna S. on Tue 18 Nov 2008, 3:49 pm

    Backstreet looks to change its sound, Carter says

    by Larry Rodgers - Nov. 18, 2008 12:00 AM

    The Arizona Republic

    Carter is the most visible face of the Backstreet Boys, the vocal group
    that sold more than 75 million albums in its chart-topping '90s heyday.
    Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean reunited a second time in 2007 to release their fifth studio album, Unbreakable. The group, which no longer includes Kevin Richardson, has toured extensively since and stops Friday in Phoenix.
    Carter, 28, checked in from a tour stop in Canada.

    Question: Where's home base for you these days?

    Answer: I've made three spots my home base. I moved to
    Nashville and set up my studio there for writing, and I have a cool
    house there. I also have a place in LA and still have a place in
    Florida (where his parents live).

    Q: Are you an eligible bachelor?

    A: Of course, of course.

    Q: Is it still hard to go out and grab a bite or a drink without being bothered?

    A: People still come up to me and say things, but it's such a part of my life it's not like I pay attention to it too much.

    Q: Phoenix will host the NBA All-Star Game in February. Are you a basketball fan?

    A: Oh yeah. I'm loving the Suns this year. They've got my boy
    Shaq (O'Neal). I play basketball, so I never really fell in love with
    one particular team, just because I love good basketball and watching
    good teams.

    Q: Are you working on a follow-up to your first solo album (2002's Now or Never)?

    We all are in the group. We like to be able to spread our
    wings, step out a little bit and show our individuality. But as a
    group, that's the main priority now. It's been a learning process for
    me, getting back with the guys, learning more about myself. So when I
    put out the next solo record, it will be . . . much better than the
    last one.

    You guys have toured awhile now behind your latest CD. Have you adjusted the show as you go?

    We've been tweaking things and tightening up our choreography and our vocals.

    Now that you've now had more time without Kevin, are you totally comfortable as a quartet?

    Yes, it's going to be the four of us. We're comfortable
    with it, and he's comfortable with the move. We definitely felt that we
    could uphold what we do best, which is put on amazing shows.

    You've said Backstreet's next album will be a surprise. Any details?

    We've been about to change the sound completely, go in a
    whole new direction. It's something that we're familiar with in
    connection with the past, as far as R&B and soulful influences.
    We're . . . trying to put a new face on this group that everybody can
    relate to, especially on Top 40 radio.

    JC Chasez of 'NSync did some co-writing and producing on
    your group's last album. Are you friends with the former members of

    AJ is good friends with JC, and I'm really good friends
    with Chris (Kirkpatrick). There used to be what people would call a
    competition. We just called it living in the moment and having fun.

    What do you think of the New Kids on the Block reunion?

    I'm really excited for what they've done. It inspires us to be better and want to continue.

    Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

    Kanye West. Aside from all the controversial stuff that
    surrounds him . . . I think he's talented beyond anything. I respect
    his honesty and his work.

    You appeared in the film The Hollow in 2004. Are you considering other roles?

    I'm still pursuing it. I'm going to take a different
    route. I'm starting to write my own short films that I would act in and
    direct. I want to take the Sylvester Stallone approach.

    House of Carters on the E! channel got good reviews. Any more reality TV on the horizon?

    That was an experience, something that taught me a lot and
    was fun. But as far as reality (TV) goes, I'd like to do things that
    are a little more credible and not put myself out there as much
    anymore. . . . (House of Carters) did what I wanted it to do, which was show people a different side of me.



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