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    [review]Backstreet's back - Boys prove they can still ...

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    [review]Backstreet's back - Boys prove they can still ...

    Post by Gianna S. on Tue 18 Nov 2008, 4:33 pm


    Backstreet’s back - Boys prove they can still pack a superstar punch with Grande Prairie show

    Source: Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune/Monday Nov.17, 2008 By Crystal Rhyno/Herald-Tribune staff

    Backstreet’s back. Why? To kiss the girls and make them cry.

    they still have whatever they had 15 years ago, the Backstreet Boys
    made the girls scream at the Canada Games Arena Saturday night.

    if screaming was any indication, it seems the BSB’s latest stop on
    their Unbreakable tour was a squealing success. But what do you expect
    from an estrogen-charged crowd of females ranging from less than 10 to
    (gasp) 40 years of age?

    Decked out in boxing attire, the boys
    opened the show performing the 1990s hit, “Larger than Life” in a faux
    boxing ring. This was a fun start to a night destined to be full of
    heartache and tears (from the audience at least).

    With promises
    of “big, juicy kisses” for all the sexy ladies, the Boys worked the
    stage like true veterans. It was impossible not to be drawn into their
    enthusiasm and charisma.

    Brian pumped up the crowd even further
    with, “It’s cold outside Grande Prairie, but with all these hot women
    in here it’s getting hotter.” Later in the show he would shout
    something like, “Some of you were not even born 15 years ago.” Oops!

    the cries for Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and A.J.
    McLean, it was possible to hear the music. The Boys sang and danced
    their way through a mix of songs from their six albums including
    “Incomplete,” “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” and “Trouble Is.”

    in the early 1990s, the Boys’ vocal talent was never questionable. They
    can sing. But when you are a boy band like the New Kids on The Block,
    the jokes and criticism are a given. The years were good to the Boys
    and they sang just as well as they did more than a decade ago.

    some, the show was a walk down memory lane. So the Boys complied by
    showing the original videos on two screens on either side of the stage
    while singing hits like “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and “As Long As
    You Love Me.” It would be fair to say most of the girls in the crowd
    have never seen these earlier videos. Still, many sang and screamed

    All four guys had at least one solo spot. A.J. really got
    the crowd going with his energetic rock song “Drive By Love.” Makes you
    wonder whether he questioned his career as a pop artist opposed to
    living out a rockstar dream.

    A BSBs’ show is just as much about
    its choreography as it is about the music. Here you could tell the
    years have caught up to the Boys – who are all in their 30s save for
    Nick who is 28.

    A little slower, a little stiffer and a little
    out of synch (not to be confused with ‘N Sync), the routines were a
    faint cry from the high-energy shows of the Boys’ youth.

    they made it work. Amidst Nick sliding his hand down his pants, and
    A.J. thrusting his pelvis repeatedly at the crowd, gone were the
    innocence and boyish charm of the young teen sensations. This is the
    new Backstreet …. um … Boys.


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