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    An Interview with a Backstreet Boy: 10 Years Later, My Teenage Dream Comes True… and I Die a Little Inside.

    "December 25, 2008 - 11:00 am, By Jill - University of Wisconsin

    I spent the better part of high school going to Backstreet Boys
    concerts. I made posters, convinced my mom to buy me hideous and
    overpriced concert gear (including a shimmery jean jacket with a
    studded gold “Backstreet Boys” on the back that I just HAD to have… I
    kid you not). I was smitten. I would daydream in Algebra class that
    they would just swoop into my school and serenade me (never happened),
    or that I would sit front row at their concerts (happened a few times
    thanks to my knack for sneaking up).
    And while I grew up, and my musical repertoire changed, I have
    always held a soft spot for the Backstreet Boys. Maybe it’s that sweet
    pang of nostalgia, but the Boys gave me an escape, they started my love
    affair with music, and it would only be fair to admit that they even,
    in a way, helped start me on my career path in music, journalism and
    TV. Oh and their music is undeniably catchy.
    So while people still give them flack and mainstream U.S. media
    doesn’t cover them nearly at all, there is no denying that the
    Backstreet Boys make you want to sing in your car. I’ve seen you (yes, YOU) at the bar belting out
    ‘I Want It That Way’ at 2am on Friday nights.
    Their concerts are still packed with screaming girls, from 8-68. And
    it doesn’t hurt that despite losing a member, these Boys have only
    gotten sexier with age. Sounds too good to be true? Check out some
    footage CC shot at a BSB concert this past summer in Detroit:

    So here I am, a college girl with a still-burning flame for BSB, and
    while the Boys didn’t swoop in and serenade me (yet), I did get to
    spend some time chatting it up with Howie Dorough
    of the Backstreet Boys. He called from the road of their latest tour,
    Unbreakable, and filled me in on the Boys’ lives, their music, their
    tour, and something very near and dear to his heart, the Dorough Lupus Foundation,
    which he started in memory of his sister Caroline, whose life was taken from the disease.

    On Life as a Backstreet Boy:

    CC: If you had to pick one all-time favorite BSB song, what would it be?
    Howie: My favorite song of all time would probably be “All I Have To Give.”
    It’s like one of our earliest songs. It would probably be a cross between that and “Drowning.”
    CC: It seems that when it comes to you guys, girls
    forget how to talk and everything just comes out as a high pitched
    scream! What is the craziest moment you’d say you’ve experienced as a
    Backstreet Boy?
    Howie: There’s so many different fan moments that have
    happened that it’s kind of hard to narrow it down to one. But probably
    the craziest thing I think for us in our career was probably doing the
    100 Hours Around The World trip that we did for Black and Blue.
    That was crazy. I was so jet-lagged for like a week I couldn’t stand
    it. I was…I didn’t know where I was, which country, time was so off,
    but it was actually lots of fun.
    CC: That was a long time ago. I hear you’re planning another album - what can
    you tell me about it?
    Howie: We’ve actually kind of made a conscious
    decision to go back to a little bit more of what we were known for back
    in the days, you know, great pop melody, a little bit more of a
    pop-R&B sound. We’re hoping for the album to come out during the
    first quarter of next year.
    CC: What is the writing process like for the albums? Who’s the most hands-on in terms of songwriting?
    Howie: In the earlier days it was maybe Brian, but we
    all actually really do a lot of writing, you know. Me and Nick just
    wrote a song the other day, and Brian and Nick have written together,
    and AJ as well; it’s sort of a collaborative effort.
    CC: You’ve spent the past year (and your entire
    career) traveling all over the world - where has been your favorite
    place you’ve seen?
    Howie: There are so many great, beautiful places it’s
    hard to pick really one place, I think if I had to go live somewhere
    else besides the States, I’d probably pick Australia– Sydney,
    Australia. The water is so beautiful, such clean air.
    CC: And in the States?
    Howie: Chicago is one of my favorite places to perform and party at.
    CC: You guys were the front-runners of the pop
    scene and happen to be the only group left. Yet even though you’ve
    proven yourselves to the critics who said you wouldn’t last, you still
    get flack from critics here the U.S. Why do you think that is?
    Howie: Yeah, you know, it’s America, I’ve come to
    realize it’s kind of a fickle market, and you know you’re only as hot
    as your last hit song. I respect that; you always have to set the
    standards and the bar high. So you just have to overcome that, and now
    we’re making music for our fans and for ourselves. If the critics like
    us, great, and if not, at least we’re making music.
    CC: Well, your fans don’t seem to care what the critics think, after all these
    years, you really have such a huge, loyal fan base.
    Howie: Yeah, we’re very, very blessed. Very blessed.
    Everyone just keeps us going. And you know, pretty much that’s why
    we’re doing this.
    CC: What would you say are the biggest differences between the fans from
    now and the fans from the old school Backstreet days?
    Howie: A lot of them have actually grown up with us,
    believe it or not. A lot of them that were in their teens are now in
    their 20s and 30s. Some of them are now coming to the concert with
    their kids. They’re married. It’s awesome, you know, it’s almost an
    extended family out there on the road.
    CC: So everyone thought the BSB would be over for
    good along with so many acts of the late 90’s pop that have fallen to
    the wayside, but thankfully you’re still here! Can we expect you guys
    to be around forever? On stage with wheelchairs and dentures?
    Howie: We’ve always said we’ve wanted to model
    ourselves after The Eagles, the Rolling Stones, you know, they were
    groups that have done it right. They’ve had their ups and downs,
    they’ve been really popular and times they just kind of like, you know,
    just went along, had solo careers here and there. We have a really,
    really great thing going on, especially with the music industry being
    as crazy at it is, and the economy, and for us to be able to still go
    out there and sell records and sell tours, we’re all very, very blessed.
    CC: So I have to ask this. I know you and Brian are
    both happily married, but is there still hope for that 13-year-old girl
    inside all of us who thought we were destined to date a Backstreet Boy?
    Are AJ and Nick still single?
    Howie: Haha, of course, they’re doin’ it. They’re
    definitely the single ones and enjoying it - now there’s plenty more
    left over for them.
    On the Dorough Lupus Foundation and Rock Your Religion:
    CC: What is the purpose of the Dorough Lupus Foundation? Is it more to educate,
    to donate… what’s the mission?
    Howie: It’s a mixture of both. It’s definitely to
    educate people because it’s such a hush-hush disease. It’s affecting
    more people than the major diseases out there that have so much more
    attention. I want to educate people about it, and you know, try to
    create awareness of the disease. At the same time, a big portion of our
    mission is to donate money towards research.

    CC: So you’ve teamed up with Rock Your Religion and created a pendant - tell us about that!
    Howie: I wanted to create a merchandise item that meant something to me and so we
    created this symbol
    and, to me, Rock Your Religion just seemed like a really natural fit.
    Their beliefs in helping different causes are really cool to me, and
    that’s why a portion of the purchased proceeds of the necklaces are
    actually going out to the Dorough Lupus Foundation.
    CC: What does the design of the pendant actually mean?
    Howie: We used the actual signature of Kairos symbol,
    which is a really unique symbol. It’s an ancient good luck charm that
    was linked to the Greek phrase “En Touto Nika” which when translated in
    English means, “In this sign you will conquer.” So we decided to also
    put my signature on the back to really just endorse the emblem and the
    CC:What are your future plans for the Lupus Foundation,

    I’m doing a couple different fundraisers possibly throughout this tour
    here, as well as we’re going to be possibly doing one out in LA pretty
    CC: Is there a way for College Candy readers to get involved? What can we do to help contribute?
    Howie: We have an open-door welcoming policy
    for anyone who wants to come in and put together a fundraiser. They can
    be as small or as big as they want it to be, it’s just about spreading
    the word out there and raising money for the cause. Anybody that has
    ideas are welcome go to our website (
    To get the Howie Pendant which benefits the DLF click here
    For more info on the Backstreet Boys check out their website:


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