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    **Translation thanx to misha@LD

    Fresh from the release of "Unbreakable", their most recent material, the now-quartet from Orlando to our native soil/land to perform this coming March 1st
    at the Movistar Arena. This will be the 2nd time that the Backstreet
    Boys have come to Chile, after performing in 1998 as the main act at
    the Viña del Mar ("Wine from the Sea") Festival. An experience that the
    guys remember emotionally, which makes them anxious to meet up with
    their fans again.
    The Backstreet Boys performed more that 26 songs during their world tour which brings them back to Chile.

    (They are ) the only surviving group from the so-called “Boy band”
    movement, and although Kevin Richardson is not joining them in this
    return, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, AJ Mclean, and Howie Dorough
    maintain a solid group, and are now in fact working on their next
    material. Contacting us by phone directly from his home in Los Angeles,
    Howie tells us about this return, their next plans, including his
    upcoming fatherhood.
    How do you feel about your upcoming trip to our country?
    - We are very excited about returning, because it’s been a long time
    since we’ve seen our Chilean fans. The last time was in 1998 at the
    “Viña del Mar” Festival, and that experience was very entertaining.

    What memories do you have from your first time in Chile?
    - I have many fun and crazy memories. I remember the hotel; we were in
    the Presidential Suite and its was truly chaos with the fans outside –
    the police had to intervene! – and I also remember that when we were
    going to the “Viña del Mar”, that the bus could pass through the crowd.
    It was very fun, because Chile is a big place, and I can’t wait to go
    back! I only regret that it’s been so long since that time, we hope
    that the wait will be worth it.

    **There's a longer article in the print edition - Credit for the scans goes to

    **The rest of the printed article, again translated by misha@LD:

    Y que nos puedes adelantar sobre el show de 1 marzo?
    And what can you preview about the show on March 1st?
    - We are going to give you an excellent 2-hour show with a lot of
    energy, with a large theatrical performance, and we are going to
    present the biggest hits of our career as well as the newer songs.

    Y a proposito de su mas reciente placa titulada "Unbreakable," como han sentido la reception y el apoyo por parte de sus fans?
    About your most recent CD titled, "Unbreakable" - what have you
    sensed about its reception and the support on the part of your fans?

    - The fans have been incredible, not just with our new album
    (Unbreakable) but with all the ones preceding it. We have the best fans
    in the world and they have supported us both as a group and in our solo
    projects, and also in other activities that we have done, like our
    foundations and charitable works. We really feel a lot of support from
    our fans and is the reason we keep doing this.

    Actualmente, con la ausencia de Kevin Richardson, como ha sido la dinamica en estudio y en los shows?
    Actually, with the absense of Kevin Richardson, what has been the dynamic in the studio and in the shows?
    - Definitely, there is a different dynamic. It's obvious that we miss
    Kevin (both) in the album and in the show, but I also believe the the
    group has remained solids and we have manage to overcome (his
    departure) and make an album with which we are very content. And it's
    because of this that people, even though it's obvious that Kevin is not
    there, really are not going to be missing much.
    *misha's note* It reads a lot "kinder" in Spanish than this translation

    Y como fuesu retiro? Que lo motivo a dejar la banda?
    And did his retirement happen? What motivated him to leave the band?
    - One day Kevin go us together and told us about his decision to take a
    break; he wanted to try different things in his life, among them
    starting a family...But we decided to continue with the show and I am
    very happy that we have been able to make the album and go out on this
    world tour.

    Como es la relacion entre ustedes cuatro? Y son mas de 15 anos juntos en la agrupacion...
    How is the relationship between the 4 of you? You been working together for more than 15 years
    - We have an incredible relationship and I would say we are like a
    family. We have experienced so many things together! For example, I
    have seen Nick grow from a 12-year-old; today he is almost 29... and I
    believe that the best memories of my life have been with the "Backs".
    Besides which we support each other in the different things in our
    lives, like starting a family, working on a solo career, acting, etc.
    And I believe that this is why we are still together; we have a large
    dynamic and we love each other like brothers.

    Pero los fans tambien han ido creciendo junto a ustedes, Como describian esa relacion?
    But the the fans have grown up along with you, how would you describe that relationship?
    - It's incredible how loyal the fans have, and they are so passionate.
    They have grown with us, and now, when you see one of the shows and
    think that the people who have been there for 15 years, you know that
    today they have their own families and are taking their children to the
    concerts too. Today we see how different family groups are enjoying
    themselves so much at our shows.

    Y hablando de familia, tu vas a tener tu premier hijo...
    And speaking of family, you are going to have your first child....
    - Yes! It's going to be the next "Backstreet Boys" baby.

    Vas a estar en tour o en vacaciones cuando nazca?
    Will you be on tour or on vacation when the child is born?
    - They told us that the birth would be in June, and we will not be tour
    by then. We are going to be on tour between February and March, and
    then return to recording, becuase even now (right now) we are working
    on our new material. So it is possible that I will be home when the
    baby is born.

    Y tus companeros, como se tomaron la noticia?
    And your partners, how did they take the news?
    - The guys congratulated me and will be supportive in everything. This
    is very exciting for me! Right now I am 35 years old and having a
    family is very important for me, because I come from a large family. I
    have 5 siblings, and although I recently lost my Dad to cancer, for me
    it is fundamental that my family stays united and continues growing.
    With this first baby I expect to remain with the Backstreet Boys and
    after the birth, maybe do promotion for the new album. Besides
    supporting me in everything I do, my wife is proud of me and
    undertstands what I have to do..., In fact, she plans to go on tour
    with us, and when we travel, we hope to be able to bring the baby with

    Sobre el nuevo material, nos puedo adelantar algo?
    About the new material, can you give us a preview?

    - Yes, we began work in November and now we have 8 songs recorded. And
    what I can share is that this album will take us back to what most
    people are accustomed from us, which is the "pop" and "rhythm &
    blues" sounds. We hope to achieve a good CD (and) meet our goals -
    entertain people make them get off their seats and dance and enjoy


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