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    Post by Gianna S. on Mon 26 Jan 2009, 6:24 pm


    Los Backstreet Boys vienen renovados

    **Translation (Thanx to angelbaby19 & misha @ LD):

    The Backstreet Boys are coming renovated
    The four members of Backstreet Boys already have their luggage packed
    in preparation for their only concert in Caracas, this coming February
    27th in the parking lot of the Center Commercial City Tamanaco.

    And for this opportunity, the boys of Backstreet have prepared a
    repertoire that not only will include their more important singles,
    such as Everybody or I Want It That Way, but also the one from their
    most recent CD, according to Nick Carter, who made the comments
    yesterday in a telephone conversation from Los Angeles.

    The blonde indicated that he as well as the rest of his companions,
    Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and Brian Litrell, are very excited to
    return to the country.

    " It is going to be an exciting reunion with the fans. Not only they
    have grown, but also we. Now we are more adult and with this growth we
    have also matured as artists" , he said.

    He explained that the show is completely different from that
    presented/displayed in 2001, which was their first visit. In that
    opportunity, along with Kevin, they offered two concerts: one in
    Maracaibo and another one in the Polidedro parking lot.

    "In this opportunity everything will be different: the choreography,
    the clothes and even the arrangements of certain songs. We want to give
    our public the opportunity to see how we’ve evolved “ he said.

    Besides the music, the spectacle includes, he continued commenting,
    many special effects and elaborate lighting. " The idea is those who
    like of our work can enjoy, as we do, the show".

    It’s been 7 months since “The Backstreet Boys Unbreakable World Tour
    2009”, as the tour is called, it appeared for the first time.

    "It has gone very well for us. Fans has received us with the same
    affection as always. It’s been very satisfying to return to the stage"
    , Carter declared.

    “Inconsolable” is the name of their more recent promotional single,
    which maintains the essence of the pop (sound) which brought much
    success to the group in the 90s, when not did they became the dream of
    millions of teens around the world, but (they also became) the most
    important group of its style, surviving breakups.

    Success that took them to a dark episode with their ex- manager. "
    We’re over that (we’ve moved on)", was all that Nick Carter would say
    about that topic. "Now we are on tour, offering our music and we hope
    that ours fans will continue supporting us".

    The passes/tickets for this unique presentation of Backstreet Boys
    (without Kevin Richardson, who is immersed in movie projects) are on
    sale in the Esperanto store of the Center San Ignacio and the Hard Rock
    Café of the Sambil Center, from BsF 290.


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