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    New MySpace blog from Nick

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    New MySpace blog from Nick

    Post by Gianna S. on Wed 22 Apr 2009, 11:45 pm

    New Stuff On the way..

    Current mood: dorky

    I know that its been a while since I've been on my myspace page. But i
    want to let you know that I've been working on some cool new
    interactive media
    stuff thats about to launch really soon. We are very close to launching
    NICKCARTER.NET.. I'm so excited. You thought i was bad on myspace with
    all those
    crazy videos and blogs and pics before? Well this is gonna be a million
    times more hands on, just wait. Also we will be recreating this myspace
    page as well. I
    also want to let you know that i've become a TWITTER MANIAC lately . My
    twitter is ( Nick_Carter).

    Last night i recruited some people to join my GUILD in WOW. I know,
    I'm a serious NERD. Not like you didn't already know that. It's soooooo
    Freaking fun. Anyways, been working on the record with the boyz, I'ts
    awesome. The vibe is amazing, the writers and producers are fantastic.

    Aj called me yesterday and wished me happy anniversary. I was a
    little weirded out at first, then he said that it was 16 years for us
    as a group . I'm so
    proud to be a part of something that is so special. Especially since it
    is so hard to stay together in this world as groups sometimes. We owe
    it to YOU. Thank

    Well, I've gotta run. But if you wanna stay updated on all the
    crazy NICK shhhhh. .. Just FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, And prepare for the
    launch of .

    Later Skaters......

    Nick's Myspace


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