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    Howie's Journal Entry


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    Howie's Journal Entry

    Post by mushy's_Bi&Saved on Tue 11 Dec 2007, 6:32 am

    Howie's Journal Entry

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you all are well and in good health in whatever part of the world you are reading this. We are in Japan now in the middle of this week's international promo for Unbreakable. The record comes out here today and the rest of the world to come within the next week. We have had an amazing promo run so far, starting off with Europe two weeks ago. We started off where it all began for BSB many years ago: in Germany. We were there for three days then went to Italy after that for a day of press. After a crazy fan turnout in Italy we went to Switzerland to do press there and to perform at the Miss Switzerland contest. Then once we were all able to put our eyes back in our heads it was off to the UK for five days of great press as well.

    I personally left for the weekend after that back to Florida to attend my brother's wedding -- I was honored to be his best man. I then caught up with the guys here in Tokyo. We flew out Monday morning and got here Tuesday around 2pm. It's crazy how you lose a day coming over here but when we go back to the USA we land the same day we left, but a couple hours earlier than we left Tokyo!

    I am doing great but still recovering from jet lag. It has been so amazing to see all of our fans in Europe and Japan! Thanks to all the fans that came out to see us, especially those that traveled in from other countries to show us their support. You all have become our extended family when we are away from our loved ones back home. To all those back in USA, we can't wait to see you next week when we get back to do all the TV/Radio/Internet shows and autograph signings at the Virgin Mega store in NY.

    We are so excited about the new record coming out and hope you all enjoy the hard work we have put into it. Once again we could not have done this without all of your support in KEEPING THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!!

    Best Wishes,

    Howie D


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