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    [Article] Nick interview in the new INROCK magazine

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    [Article] Nick interview in the new INROCK magazine

    Post by Gianna S. on Wed 20 May 2009, 8:03 pm

    Big thanks to & for posting and translating.

    In the last issue of magzine, we’re covering the news of Nick Carter
    attending the American talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, talking
    about the experience of excesssive drinking and drug problems. The host
    Ellen DeGeneres use to be a comedian, although it’s kind of free talk,
    telling the story you’ve kept for so long and not even told to other
    members in the group was not an easy thing to do. But in fact, during
    this interview, it’s exciting to talk about the new album, but when it
    comes to excesssive drinking and drug problems, Nick tends to be silent
    once in a while. So we’re not talking about this any more, now the new
    albums of BSB are in full swing.

    ---Well, where are you now?
    Nick: California

    ---Is that for recording?
    Nick:Emm, not really, I’m taking a rest now. Last time when we finished
    recording, we took a break for 10 days, oh no, it should be around one
    week. And we’re gonna be in studio again next month, for the following
    one or two months, we will fully concentraded recording the new album,
    we’ve done a lot, but still too many things need to be done.

    ---Woo, you mean the new album is almost finished? So how do you feel about it?
    Nick: For the whole, it’s very strong POP and RNB,more dance music I
    guess. And this time we invited many famous producers, such as
    T-Pain,Ni-yo,Max Martin etc. and not only them, many other producers
    joined in the album making.

    --- How do you choose the songs for the album?
    Nick: We all take part in, as long as there’re good producers,
    everybody join in. you know,we want to go back to the stage and
    perform, we want to do a album that we all love.

    --- Since you are one of the Backstreet boys, so as a Backstreet boy, what kind of songs that you really want to do?
    Nick: For the lyric part, of course I wanna do songs about love, but
    not limit to that, we’ve all been very active this time. You know we’ve
    grown up with our fans, so the contents of our songs also become more
    mature. Anyway, we want this album can be acceptable to eveyone.

    ---And it seems that you’ve always been in the studio, is the new album mainly focusing on you?
    Nick: Yeah, surely I’ve always in the studio, that’s because I love
    studio and I love working. We always inspirit ourselves in order to
    make better music, and also for making the group becomes better. I
    always think this way.

    --- so where did you get inspiration for the album?
    Nick: About the inspiration, I think it comes from different kinds of
    music that existing in the world. I did go to the club enjoying the
    music there and in this way I can get inspiration. Besides, we would
    travel to different parts of the world, you know that people live in
    different culture backgrounds would listen to different musics

    --- Will you get inspiration from Japanese music?
    Nick: of course it did.

    ---I heard that the new album will be released within the end of this year, is that true?
    Nick: Emm, at least we plan to. We will try hard to do as soon as we can, and if it did, so do the world tour.

    ---which part of the album do you think the fans would expect?
    Nick: I think the fans would feel that we’re all growning. Of course
    for some parts it won’t be changed, like it’s still four of us, haha, I
    believe that they could feel that. At the same time, we’re always
    seeking for progress, that’s the way we make music that people can
    listen to.

    ---you’ve been active on stage, covering with the glory of
    backstreet boys, it must be hard to dig for fresh materials, so how do
    you find the balance for it?

    Nick: It’s hard, it did. To tell you the truth, the albums “Never Gone”
    and “Unbreakable” we’ve made during the past several years, they’re
    still in the stage of self-defining. Actually, the new music of
    Backstreet boys is the process of digging. So we still need to produce
    more albums to prove that. Looking back,as you can see that we also did
    several ones to achieve the success of Millennium. We always know that
    it takes time to tap our potential once again.

    ---surely it did, and I watched “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” you attended
    Nick:Emm? You did?

    ——I thought that it’s rather brave for you at such a great show to
    confess your past of indulging in drinking and drugs. Then, since
    you’ve made your confession, dose it indicate that you’re completely
    over it?

    Nick: Er, yes.

    ——What made you to do such a confession?
    Nick: Err. What made me to do that, maybe it’s just the result of the
    fact that I’d been through so much things like that then wanna share
    them with others. Well, some random thoughts like that just popped into
    my head. While confessing the dark side of my past, I realized that I
    gained a further cognition of myself, and what’s more, I realized that
    those things were getting serious. Besides, I myself was the kind of
    people who ready to help others, as long as I can, I’d like to help
    others with any means. You know, it’s possible to alter someone’s
    thoughts after being told my experience.

    ——Then when you told them your experience, whether or not it would deliver some information?
    Nick: Yes, I intended to inform them something about the stories I’ve
    been through while growing up and I thought people would understand me
    much better.

    ——When it comes to drugs, there are lots of kinds, and what’s yours?
    Nick: I’ve tried many, but I’m clean now. I experienced happiness as
    well as affliction, but in the end it’s still me who was hurt. The main
    cause of my worse constitution is over-drinking and addiction.

    ——Why do you think you need these? Is it because you were feeling insecure? Or some other reasons?
    Nick: In fact, no one knows the real reasons. Maybe it’s my parents’
    effects or maybe the habits and customs of my family. I think there are
    many reasons interacted, and my mother probably has a major effect. You
    know, I was brought up with my brother, living a very difficult life,
    then I get into the entertainment circle. That’s it, maybe.

    ——Well, did you talked about that with Brian and Howie? Didn’t them stop you?
    Nick: No. Actually I didn’t tell them.

    ——As what you said, these are all passed and over now.
    Nick: Yes. Now I’m totally clean. But I’m an ordinary person, you know,
    I’m not perfect and would make some mistakes. So when I’m about to do
    something wrong, I would tell myself that I’ll come back to the correct
    soon. Now I’m really clean, and I’m trying to become a nice guy.

    ——Then how about the new life?
    Nick: I always go for a walk outdoors, then doing some readings and video games.

    ——Video games?
    Nick: I’m a huge fan of video games. In a word, I’d try to do many
    things to recover. Sometimes walking on the beach and playing
    volleyball, having some activities, or walking outside and trying to
    change my bad old life style.

    ——It’s awesome that you decide to pull yourself together. You want some drinks now?
    Nick: Though I want, I’d control myself.


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